Take the terror out of tackling feature projects with Writing Features for Animation Professionals, a 4-day intensive workshop delivered over 2 consecutive weekends by experienced animation screenwriter Maria O’Loughlin.

The workshop aims to provide writers AND other animation professionals (e.g. directors, producers, development execs, story artists) with shared tools and terminology for developing and analysing feature-length stories. Covering all the usual suspects like character arc and 3-act structure, the workshop will also explore strategies for creating and maintaining dramatic tension; moving beyond formula; and using the “sequence approach” to make the whole process less daunting.

The workshop will include one afternoon round-table Q&A with Disney director Norton Virgien, Secret of Kells director Tomm Moore and Song of the Sea screenwriter, Will Collins.

For further information and to apply: http://animationskillnet.ie/11-10-13-writing-for-feature-animation/