Given the number of creative collaborations that are emerging from the networking group, Creatives in Animation Network (CAN), there’s a certain energy driving the first event of 2014 will be held on Monday February 3rd in the Roasted Brown Cafe space in Filmbase from 7-9. The network was founded in January 2012 by Lindsay J. Sedgwick to create a space in which writers and animators could meet and events are open to anyone genuinely interested in collaborating professionally and creatively within the animation industry Рwriters, animators, producers, directors, scribblers and illustrators.
These are informal gatherings at which everyone meets and mingles, making contact with a view to following up later if they meet someone with whom they feel they might like to work. If you want to come, please let Lindsay know at as numbers are limited.
For more information, check out the CAN page on or the group pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.