Piotr Dumała animates Polish Cinema at KINOPOLIS 2013

12pm, 9 November at The Irish Film Institute (IFI)

Tickets: €5.90 -€10 available at www.ifi.ie/kinopolis

‘It is not Kieślowski, Wajda or Pasikowski who are the most sought-after, loved and welcome of Polish filmmakers at almost all of the world’s festivals. It is Piotr Dumała.’

Bożena Jędrzejczak, Film Magazine.

When I think of Polish cinema, I think of passion, tradition and craft. There is no better opportunity to see all three of these elements, than in Polish animation.‘

Tamsin Lyons, Producer, Owner at Ink and Light Studio

The cult animator Piotr Dumała arrives at the Irish Film Institute during KINOPOLIS Polish Film Festival, the longest and biggest Polish film festival in Ireland, to present the retrospective of his award-winning, existential titles including Franz Kafta and The Little Black Riding Hood. Dumała will introduce his oeuvre and production process to the students of the ISA at the Ballyfermot College of Further Education on November 6th, organised by Gareth Lee, ISA Programme Leader BA (Hons) Animation. The animation block of the festival will be held on Saturday, November 9 at 12pm.


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Notes to Editor

Since 2006, KINOPOLIS Polish Film Festival has been promoting the culture of one of the biggest minorities in Ireland. It is directed towards Irish people and foreigners, including the Poles, who living abroad, do not always have a chance to familiarise themselves with the most recent achievements of their native cinematography.


Among festival highlights there are ‘Imagine’ by Andrzej Jakimowski, which has received numerous awards at the Warsaw Film Festival 2013, and ‘In the Name of’ by Małgorzata Szumowska who, having co-produced Lars von Trier’s ‘Antichrist’ (2009) and directed ‘Elles’ with Juliette Binoche (2011), focuses on the issue of homosexuality, confused emotions and loneliness. Photography fans will be treated with ‘A Diary Of Journey’, a film portrait of Tadeusz Rolka, Polish photography genius, whose works have been presented in prestigious galleries worldwide. There will be also a mini-gallery of KINOPOLIS posters and photogallery documenting 8 years of the festival activities, running from 4-6 November.


Piotr Dumała is a Polish film director and animator. His animation technique is original and fascinating, among the most interesting of the last 30 years. While training to be a sculptor, he discovered that scratching images into painted plaster could be a beautiful way to create animations. This is only one technique of a method called destructive animation, where one image is erased (in this case, painted over) and re-drawn to create the next frame in the sequence. Dumala’s main themes, and the way to show them, recall ostensibly the world of writer Franz Kafka. His film ‘Crime and Punishment’ was included in the Animation Show of Shows.


The full programme can be found below:

5/11 – ‘Imagine’ by  Andrzej Jakimowski, 8.45pm, w/ director Andrzej Jakimowski in attendance

06/11 – ‘Traffic Department’ by Wojciech Smarzowski , 6.20pm

07/11 – ‘Women’s Day’ by  Marysia Sadowska, 6.30pm

07/11 – ‘Love’ by Filip Dzierżawski, 8.30pm

08/11 – ‘In The Name Of’ by Małgorzata Szumowska, 6.30pm

9/11 – Dreams and Nightmares / Animations by Piotr Dumała, 12pm, Q & A with Piotr Dumała after ‘Komeda, Komeda’

  • Little Black Riding Hood’
  • ‘The Gentle One’
  • ‘Freedom of the Leg’
  • ‘Franz Kafka’

9/11 –  ‘Komeda, Komeda’ by Natasza Ziółkowska – Kurczuk, 12pm

9/11 – ‘Olena’ by Elżbieta Benkowska, 2.45pm

9/11 – ‘A Diary Of A Journey’ by Piotr Stasik, 2.45pm


The 8th edition is being co-financed by the Pomeranian Film Foundation, the Polish Embassy in Dublin and the Polish Film Institute, with support of Lycamobile and CRH. The festival is being supported by the IFI, Pegbar, ISA (BFCE), Dublin Community TV, Nasz Glos Polish Weekly Newspaper and Dublin City Council.