Mooshku is a new children’s media company based in Dublin, dedicated to bringing the best content-based products to young kids. Mooshku is driven by the needs of the audience working with parents to offer fun, positive and enriching experiences, stories and activities across multiple platforms. “We love to make children laugh, we always have”, says Jason Tammemägi, Mooshku’s Creative Director. “We both have strong backgrounds and our own areas of expertise and interest. We have collaborated many times and it made sense to join forces to form Mooshku.”

Now parents themselves, Jason and Méabh have brought their skills together to develop, produce and manage fun global content and brands that can really contribute to the lives of children. “Parents value good content,” says Producer Méabh Tammemägi. “People are keeping a closer eye on what our media gives to children and becoming more aware of the messages our media sends.”  Mooshku bring new entertainment to kids in expanding forms. The first is an animated preschool comedy called MILLIE AND MR. FLUFF. Jason explains, “It’s about a little zookeeper and a huge tiger – a master of disguise who stands in for any missing animal in the zoo. We’re bringing slapstick, silliness and lots of giggles.”

Mooshku’s next project is quite different and currently under wraps. “This is something that will reach parents directly, something we hope will entertain kids now while serving the next generation into adulthood”. Mooshku will announcing this new kids’ property later in the year. Mooshku develops and manages its own properties in-house and also offers consulting, writing, script editing and production services to third party businesses developing children’s content. And in case you’re curious where Mooshku got their name, Méabh says it was originally a comfort word made up for their children. Mooshku: a word created for children has now become a company created for children.

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