2d Harmony Animators Wanted:

We are hiring for 2D Harmony animators for a number of upcoming shows.

Responsibilities include:

  • Produce animation to a consistently high standard within the confines of the schedule, with characters on model and animation suiting the style of the show.
  • Ensure all character animation includes lip-sync, facial animation and full body animation where required.
  • Check and approve all animation throughout the various stages of production through your team lead i.e. Keys, Animation, Work print and Retakes.
  • Address all retakes as soon as possible to the highest standard.
  • Render out all animation to the appropriate work print folder for approval. These must be checked to ensure renders have completed fully and there are no problems in the Toonboom files.
  • Make sure all renders are named correctly and in the correct folder for approval.
  • Toonboom Manager should be used to track your workflow throughout the various stages of production.
  • Toonboom Networks must be kept tidy to ensure a clear and smooth transition from departments.
  • File management – Ensure work files and folders are organized efficiently.
  • Ensure that all naming conventions are followed correctly and that all Toonboom files are set up correctly and in line with the established production system and requirements of Toonboom Harmony.
  • Share with animation team any approved reuse or general tips on how to achieve the highest level of animation efficiently.
  • Ensure that all retakes called by clients are followed and completed by the deadline given.
  • Staff are required to remain current and up-date in new animation techniques.

Person Specification:

  • Proven Harmony software skills, preferably on a long form animation series.
  • A strong understanding of the Toonboom Harmony animation package.
  • A strong grasp of the basic animation fundamentals and a great work ethic.
  • Must be able to work to a weekly quota.
  • Must have good creative vision and be detail orientated.
  • Must be flexible, willing to learn and self-motivated.
  • Be able to work within a Production Schedule.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills.

This role is only open to applicants willing to relocate to Ireland if required and all applicants must be eligible to work within the EEA.

This company is an equal opportunities employer.

To Apply: Please apply by email to