is a dedicated Animation Networking Organisation. Pegbar started its operaton in late 2008. Since then, they have facilitated a number of talks from celebrated animation artists, film makers and storytellers such as Norton Virgien, Tomm Moore, Eamonn Butler, Bruce Block to name a few. Pegbar has hosted a number of networking events, showcasing animators work, as well as allowing animators to build new relationships and generate possible animation opportunities at the same time.

In 2009, Pegbar set up and started posting Irish Animation based news. also conducted and posted a number of interviews with renowned artists such as Joanna Quinn, Stephen Silver and Tom Caulfield. The website also posted links to animation resources, Irish Animation Companies and Artist’s blogs. Through the organisation’s development, Pegbar has co-operated and co-organised with a number of other bodies and events including Meet for Real, Crewger, Enterprise Ireland, Animation Ireland, the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, Electric Picnic and the Science Gallery.

Pegbar is currently going through some massive changes, so stay tuned for our new mandate and focus.